Settings for 1080 lower load

Hi guys, I have an access to a pool with 2-4 gtx 1080 for several servers. With EBWF miner cards show 450-500 sol but in 10 mins temp reaches 90C and server crushes. Can you advise how can I lower load in settings? I dont mind running 1/2 max power but stable way. I can’t do anything with extra cooling, no physical access to the location

MSI afterburner, set temp limit to 75

Maybe you can try ccminer? It hashes slower but the load is not always 100%

put your fan @95% and look C°
if too high, try lower TPD @85% and below
and try this setting in EBWF:
--intensity Specifies maximum intensity, allowed values 1 - 64. Lower value, lower speed and gpu usage.