Ewbf thread exited code 6

I have 5x evga 1080ti sc2. It crashes within 20 seconds of starting the miner. Cards are stock, even at 75% power stock clocks. 850 gold and 1200w gold evga/corsair. Runs perfectly when running claymore to mine eth, even overclocked. What’s going on?

It’s sort of a conundrum, you can not be running at 75% power and running stock

Motherboard (MB):
BIOS Version:
Power Supply (PSU):
Operating System (OS):
Riser Version:
Number of GPUs:
GPU List Model/Brand/Version:
Overclocked (Yes or No):
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Doesn’t automatically downclock your card to meet desired power target?

Motherboard (MB): MSI Z87
BIOS Version: latest
Power Supply (PSU): evga supernova supernova g3, corsair ax1200 gold
RAM: corsair 16gb ddr3
Operating System (OS): win10
Riser Version:008s? White/red
Number of GPUs: 5
GPU List Model/Brand/Version: evga 1080ti sc
Overclocked (Yes or No): no
Overclock Settings:
Additional Information

your issue is power

1080ti = 237w to 265w

if you are using afterburner to decrease the power, it needs to be own first before the mining software starts.

you may also need to drop it down to 60% or 65% power. Between the risers, gpu, and the mother board, even at 75% power the 1200w is not enough power

I already have it at 77% power prior to startating ewbf. I have 2 x 1080tis on 850w g3 and 3 x 1080tis on the 1200w. I think that is enough power. Also, it runs stable wigh claymore eth mining with the same clocks and power draw

how do you have it at 77% power?

what is your bat file on ewbf? screen shot of what you are using to reduce power

I will later. I use afterburner and set power limit to 77