Shapeshift Unreliable (update: resolved)

Referring back to, they show sats/byte with the estimated delay in blocks and time in minutes.
Currently 150 may sometimes be enough for a 0-180 minute confirm, whilst 101 can be enough for a 10-300 minute confirm.
Point is, this all depends on if you can afford the delay or require a reasonably rapid confirm.

Have no reason at the moment to shift any more zec, but next time I’ll try a z-addr, and update this thread with the result.
Its a pro in their part if they are allowing z-addrs seeing as like you said “advertised support for Zcash implies…” and all services at this point have had plenty of time to adapt and should be moving in this direction for the user’s sake.

Imagine you’re not the only one doing this, just its the first account I’ve read of using this service with success. The anonymity set is fine and shielded addresses count is 6+ times that of what it were in late December.
That said, it has fell since late January by over a third, Low percentage of total shielded ZEC as indicator of lack of interest? - #8 by xalspaero so make of it that you will.

Creation of a joinsplit on a near decade old thinkpad with 16GB of RAM and a lqx patched kernel takes no longer than 40 tops.
If you’re worried about over heating, just open another window alongside and run sensors through watch for temp changes.