Should I sell my zcash all at once or put some into an investment?

Once the price of zcash goes up a bit I’m.planning on selling some of my mining profits. The question is should I put some into moon Bitcoin using shapeshift or just sell. Is long term investing it worth it? Or should I just sell it as zcash. Or should I use something other than moon faucet/Bitcoin?

Thank you!

That’s entirely up to you. You have to figure out what your goal is here. Are you looking to make quick money? Zcash is probably not where you want to invest. If you’re looking for long term, then I would say Zcash is a good investment.

Personally, I’ve taken some of my profits from Zcash and invested small amounts in other coins as well. This allows the market to fluctuate and me to churn profit from multiple sources all the while investing in Zcash mostly. Sometimes Zcash is down while other altcoins are up (Zcash tends to take a bigger hit when BTC goes through it’s corrections), while sometimes Zcash is up the other altcoins are down. Only you can decide what’s best for you and that requires you to spend time learning and researching.

Stay away from cryptocurrency til november 2017

Mine zcash. Sell your zcash for zencash or vertcoin.

Zencash will likely be the number 1 privacy coin in 1-2 years.

Vertcoin might be the next litecoin in a year

Yes. Make important financial decisions based upon what strangers tell you.

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