Why buy or mine zec?

Compare 3 month performance of ETH vs. ZEC. ETH volume is better…more demand, market cap is better, coins in circulation better.

I get a little tired of hearing speculators and ZEC insiders trying to manipulate the ZEC market to their advantage. ZEC is not “going to the moon,” anytime soon. Remind me again why I should give up my ETH and exchange them for ZEC??

then go mine eth. why are you even here?


I don’t think its ok to post same post in different places in same forum .
I consider this trolling .
you got my answer on that post in price speculation section.

now you got the deserved answer .
just go and mine ETH. instead of wasting everyone’s time .

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@captaindiptoad you stole my words :wink:

@WorkingStiff12 because the whole world is mining ETH…and we’re NOT
And LSK/RDD/XVG/DGB will go to the moon in 2018 (and now dropping so good to buy).

I don’t know where you get your Intel, BasZ. Seems to me Zcash is at it’s all-time high. Where do you get that “it’s dropping.”

Let me make this real simple. A coin has to have a high enough circulation so that there are enough to buy/sell at any given time. But there can’t be too many in circulation, otherwise the coin is as valuable as common lawn grass. A relatively low circulation coupled with a low daily volume, DOES NOT suggest a coin is “going to the moon,” now or on the near future!

Do enough research and you will find out. BUT don’t believe me, thats the best way for now :wink:
Good luck, i gave my forecast thats all bro.
Happy mining and all the best for 2018!

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@WorkingStiff12 you are welcome to mine or purchase any coin you choose, but its obvious you made up your mind before even joining this forum thereby making this thread pointless.

Posting topics to simply troll Zcash Forum users is against the Forum Code of Conduct, Forum users should not:

  • Create topics/replies for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forum.


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