Should zcashco employees have moderation abilities on the forum?

i don’t think they should. believe it represents a conflict of interest. the foundation should have 100% control over the forum.

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I don’t think they do anymore, the foundation moderates the forum now

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wonder why zcashco employees are still able to moderate my comments. it’s not a huge issue, just annoying, but i can see serious problems stemming from this in 2020 when extending rewards is being debated.


I think yes - it was excellent to see the discussions regarding Blossom here & the ZcashCo team on action.

Their involvement with the forum is a ‘good thing’ & to be encouraged,


people can still post their thoughts, and not have moderation access.


As long as it’s fairly moderated i personally don’t care who is moderating it at all. Daira is a Zcash co member but i think she is doing a good job on the forum, just my opinion of course.

It might be as well an issue/question if eneough resources are available if ONLY the foundation should moderate it.

As long as there is no censorship by zcash co moderation i personally just have no problem having moderation from the foundation and zcash co… I think both parties (foundation/zcash co) do a good job on the forum and compared to most other forums we have a good level of civilized discussion…


These Community Forums are Techincally owned and operated by the Zcash Foundation. However, we are trying to strike a balance of Company and Foundation moderation by having representatives from both with equal say in moderation policies and any disputes that may arise.

As it sits right now we have @paige and @daira (Zcash Co) myself and @sonya (Zcash Foundation) and @root (Community Volunteer) actively Moderating. We also have @zirui (Zcash Co) and @acityinohio (Zcash Foundation) listed as Admin/Mods to lend a hand when/if needed.

We have been discussing a more definitive Moderating process to help everyone understand how the rules are enforced based on the Code of Conduct. I will be putting together a post outlining the details if this when we finish the discussion.


For the rest of us, Lincoln offers insight in Fragment on Government ( cuz I think it’s very accurate descriptor)
[July 1, 1854?]

The legitimate object of government, is to do for a community of people, whatever they need to have done, but can not do, at all, or can not, so well do, for themselves—in their separate, and individual capacities.

In all that the people can individually do as well for themselves, government ought not to interfere.

The desirable things which the individuals of a people can not do, or can not well do, for themselves, fall into two classes: those which have relation to wrongs, and those which have not. Each of these branch off into an infinite variety of subdivisions.

The first—that in relation to wrongs—embraces all crimes, misdemeanors, and non-performance of contracts. The other embraces all which, in its nature, and without wrong, requires combined action, as public roads and highways, public schools, charities, pauperism, orphanage, estates of the deceased, and the machinery of government itself.

From this it appears that if all men were just, there still would be some, though not so much, need of government.

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Personally I like having a mix of different affiliations! The Zcash Foundation is ultimately in charge, though, since we have legal responsibility for the forum.

For what it’s worth, most moderation issues aren’t contentious among the moderators. We generally have consensus on who’s riding the edge of acceptability, needs a close watch, etc.


So you have a naughty list and monitor those users more than others… (?) is what I read from your statement

There’s no maintained list… what Sonya is referring to is more like a set of individuals who display enough recognizable patterns of crossing the line or coming close to it that when we mention their username and it’s usually be pretty clear what their violations are.


I realise I may be biased, but yes, some people who work for ZcashCo should be moderators. For a start, we don’t have enough moderators to do otherwise.