Silentarmy v5 Genoil Windows Port drops hashrate significantly while mining

I just installed Silentarmy v5 Genoil Windows Port instead of the build by maztheman which was stably giving 34-35 sol/s then I heard you could use python to get the actual full working version of silentarmy v5 which I got but the problem is not the hashrate (68 sol/s max) it hits that then drops gpu usage to like 17% and goes to 15 sol/s for a good 5 mins and then after a while bumps back up to 98% and 65 - 68 sol/s. How do I fix this issue? It hasn't been a problem with any other miner. (gtx 1080) I also have a R9 290x running at 144 sol/s on claymore miner.

Download the new Nvidia drivers that came out today, the drivers from the 15th have an issue with dropping clocks.

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Thx for the suggesion, but I couldn't find any drivers that were after Nov 15th on the website. BTW I had the older drivers installed anyway so I am going to update and then see if that works.

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Ok just installed drivers, the new drivers let the gpu sit at 15 sol/s for like 2 mins and then go up to 68 sol/s then for now it seems to not go down will update in like 2 hrs

Well it just dropped again, just noticed it weirdly drops after I close google chrome every time