Zogminer / Silentarmy - Driver Maximum Client


I have 7 390x and i can’t get more than 14 instance running. I get the Maximum Client error.

I think it’s the driver that do not allow more than this.

Someone find a trick to have more client ?!?


Ubuntu 14.04
Radon Crimson 15.12 Drivers

Zogminer or SilentArmy miner.

Why would you want more than 14 instances anyways? If you aren’t using Claymore’s miner, you need to. 20% hashrate increase for me, and that’s comparing it to 2 instances of Genoil’s miner. No need for restart scripts, more options, etc. Claymore's ZCash/BTG AMD GPU Miner v12.6 (Windows/Linux)

You must be a windows miner. This is a question about silentarmy miner and zog. Silentarmy actually performs faster hashrates than claymore and has no fees. But we don’t have any windows releases.

I havent tested zogminer with more than 12 instances for 6 cards. We are working on getting the instances in one process though so you shouldn’t hit this max.

Yeah, I am mining on Windows. For me Silentarmy is slower, but if it’s a different situation for others than nevermind.

Because my 390x can take 4 instanse on it and i have 7 card.

So i want 28 dude to get 65S/s

65 sol/s with each R9 390X card?

With zogminer with 4 instance i get 50-65 yes. But i only test it for 2 minute because i can’t have more than 14 instansce…

Seems like AMD cards are realy better for mining that Nvidia CUDA cards.
Making 32 sol/s with GTX 1070 here.

Woth ecactly nothing now.

Did you have Zogminer with 4 instance ? With Zogminer with 2 instance i have 42-43. You need to make 1 command per 1 gpu per 1 terminal for 1 instance.

So it’s 14 terminal with 14 command running for my 7 gpu.

well I’m using Windows and NiceHash. Tried to run 2 instances but wouldn’t get any better sol/s.

With windows i get 33 too dude :slight_smile:
Ubuntu man

in just a few days, Zcash price will hit the floor, and there won’t be any profit for me anymore
So I won’t even bother with doing dual boot system.

I guess I will just have to wait for new cryptocurrency to come to life.

I think it’s gonna stay a .4-.6