Suprnova incorrect Hashrate stats

Anyone have this issue ? is a issue or just showing like this ?

I am not sure but I messaged @ocminer miner weeks ago regarding this issue as I have 4700s/s and dashboard shows around 4200s/s that a big difference between my miners hash rate and pools, maybe @ocminer can have a look but I am not to concerned since I believe suprnova is best pool out there and sure it’s a software bug, most of the pools seem to be having issues reporting correctly miners hash rate I use fixed difficulty as that’s supposed to be more accurate, I have just noticed refreshing your dashboard changes stats and seems to give a better reading so maybe some changes in front end maybe useful so stats update quickly I think that’s where problems are.

Hi !

Can you check if your Hashrate Stats are correct when you look at “My Account” → “My Workers” ? The Hashrate should be right next to your Rigs.

The Dashboard Data is cached, so it might need some time to update.

also make sure you check your averages, not just what shown there.

Worker page is not something I usually check since all information I need is on the dashboard but looking at worker hashrate the stats are correct next to each worker, yes when refreshing dashboard page all stats update so I wonder can we speed up the refresh interval on dashboard as this would give a more accurate reading of stats

Yes, I plan to optimize the cache asap

Yes, looks like it about stats only are slow updating, few minutes behind.