Slush pool low performance - why is that?

Greetings, miners! Is any1 aware what is going on with Slush pool performance?
Last 1h blocks: 0
Last 24h blocks: 3
Avg. 3d blocks: 5

Searching the Internet I was able to find answers, where bad luck is blamed. Does any1 have other assumptions?

13 hours without block… :grimacing:

Nothing to assume. Currently their hashrate is at roughly 3 Mh/s while the overall hashrate is at 240 Mh/s, which gives them 1.25% of the overall hashrate. As such, the chances (or luck) of finding a block is not that great. Only way to fix that is for more miners to migrate to Slushpool (which people have been discussing to avoid a possible 51% attack from Flypool) or for the miners already there to greatly increase their hashrates.

But there were mined blocks before with even less HR (2 - 2.3 Mh/s). Oh… May be total HR was less than 240Mh/s as it is now (I didn’t follow that number before)…
So, if people will stay with Slush (because of 51% of Fly) they will mine nothing. If miners will move to Fly, they will earn, but 51% problem will persists.

I just started mining 2 days ago on slushpool, interface is great, you get a nice mobile app to monitor, but indeed, the overall pool hashrate is kind of low.

There are blocks that take 10 minutes to find, there are blocks that take 13 hours, very large amout of RNG.

I was on Nanopool before and if nothing changes in a week or so on slushpool, I think I’ll move back to nanopool or even look at suprnova just to test it out.

Have to say Ditto, was on slush, but over last couple of days just horrid.
moved to mining pool hub and was getting about the same as flypool, maybe little better.
but slush just a week ago was much better than fly…

some will say swings and roundabouts.

maybe that 5GH/s account could do Zcash a favour and just sit on slush for a while…

What was Slush’s HR at those much better times?

You can see the exact HR of each block mined on slush @VanijaDev , just go to rewards, it has a history.

Slushpool has the best dashboard and reporting out there, hash rates are accurate and they have a great app. Problem is they need more hash. I am testing out some others too, so far is my favorite, but their dashboard and reporting isnt as nice.

It seems Slush is recovering - 4 blocks in 3 hours. :ok_hand:

Indeed, it’s the best dashboard out there, but it has one minor flaw, it doesn’t show you your remaining balance.

So lets say you mined 0.13 ZEC, and the payout was at 0.1, they won’t tell you that you still have 0.03 ZEC remaining, but that’s just a nit pick.

What do you mean? It will send the whole 0.13. There shouldn’t be anything left. Anything you have above your threshold is sent once the threshold is hit (not immediately of course, but whenever they process their payouts).


I think I made the 0.03 after they sent the 0.1, that’s why. @nekkidtruth

Then it should still be showing under confirmed. You’re saying it’s not? I’d definitely contact support about that. I’ve never experienced that problem. Any funds I’ve had in unconfirmed have always shown up under confirmed, regardless of how little it was.

agree it sends it all, but if you still had some verifying it could not sent that right, if you need that out just change payout threshold.lower. else mine with them some more

probably a bad topic to ask this question in but it seems that a lot of people like slush for many reasons but it just does not have enough hash targeted at it…
Is it work trying to co-ordinate a move of those parties to slush to get it off the ground? people can state there hash power and we set a target we feel is minimum viable…?

@madbuga I think the most attractive part of slush is that it rewards ~12.5 ZEC per block instead of the normal 10, it’s most likely an incentive to join the pool since it’s fairly new. Also the interface is awesome + the fact that you get an app for your mobile device.

@nekkidtruth yep, it was under confirmed, my mistake.

How can it offer more 10…

do we complain when someone want to pay us more… it must be a introduction special. 0% and subsidy, and still they cant get the numbers over there to keep it viable…
just shows how humans are herd animals… like lemmings. oh look a cliff… :slight_smile:

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@Blue They probably have a bitcoin mining fee, and invest part of that in the ZEC branch to get it started. Offer will probably end when the popularity increases.

@madbuga I don’t think they advertise that enough, I read it in a forum post and immediately jumped on slush, I was using nanopool before.

We just need a few more mh/s and it will be a good balance between finding the blocks and the payout.

I have doubts…