Some thoughts about the future of ZEC

Hello boys & girls,

As some of you know I went all in with ZEC and I am not selling, the current situation might seem scary to some of you, but believe it or not it happens all the time in trading, it’s all normal, digital money can’t just cease to exist I promise you that.

Today I purchased 1 NEO just to try it out and I realized that ZEC needs a simple light wallet like that badly, the simplicity of their wallet is what I think attracted so many people into NEO, I believe tons of people are not into crypto yet because it’s too complicated for them or they don’t have 100gb of space on their lap tops to download some wallet.

Also, PoS is an amazing concept which incentivizes people to hold their coins, while with PoW for example if this bloodbath continues at some point people will simply shut down their mining rigs and abandon.

And finally my last thought. ZEC team should set daily/weekly & monthly goals, this is what attracts people, news updates and fun stuff. It’s wrong strategy to announce something in june and september while it’s january!? So many small things can be done by then which will attract more people then Sapling.

SO to sum things up:

  1. Create light wallet (official version, not coded by some random guy from the community)
  2. PoS
  3. Focus on small short term goals

Good luck!

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  1. See a need fill a need, you don’t like the wallet option, then create one. No one is stopping you. Please help the community.
  2. if you are going to use acronyms make sure you at least once specify what the acronym stands for, there are several people who will not know what PoS (piece of $#^! ?) might mean.
  3. here are your goals and achievements just for 2018, all to read & enjoy


I highly agree with the 1st point. There should be an “official” wallet. Plus Zcash could benefit from good faithed shilling and marketing.


Why are you always so acidic xD? At least your name is spot on.

Unni , Thanks! lol and I don’t even try… :wink: As to answer why I am sometimes so blah my standard answer is millennials.

I don’t understand why people keep asking for an official wallet. There is an official wallet, there has been one for over a year. Why do people keep asking for an official wallet?

Here is the link The Basics | Zcash

Take a look at the 10 projects chosen from the zcash foundation. There is a lightwallet that will be developed by Guarda (I believe UX/I will be made by IDEO CoLab).

PoS is an amazing concept but it is something zcash can come back later on. Many coins are implementing staking systems (nodes and deposits,etc) and with casper to come there is a lot that can be learned from them. It’s better to keep a solution that is stable than running into another that still has much data to be collected.

ZCash is on point.
Their transparency is one of a kind and looking in the right places (youtube, zcash website, zcash foundation, github) you can see how dedicated they are to this project.
They never create useless hype and concentrate on the work to be done. They are aware of potential marketing and PR work to be done, and they are activly working on it (through hiring, developing new website,coordinating for next ceremony,etc).

Right now ZCash doesn’t need mainstream attention while working on some enormous inventions.
Once the network gets updated and everything is running smooth, that is when everyone can be hyped and start real marketing.

there’s a bunch of neat projects that got funded through the zcash foundation. didn’t seem to get a lot of attention.

1.Well I was thinking since ZCASH company made millions least they could do is invest few thousands into creating an official wallet? This seems very unprofessional and I think people mostly use Windows and all we have is zcash4win full of bugs and done by third party.
What happens if that guy decides to insert a malicious code one day or someone gains access to his computer, we supposed to trust some guy from the internet?
Do you check the SHA before each update? Do you expect non technical people to do it?
I guess if that happens ZCASH company would have 0 responsibility since wallet is created by third party. Sounds great right?
2. 99% of the people trading crypto are geeks since no one is still buying groceries not even with Bitcoin I believe the crowd knows what is PoS or at least knows how to highlight that word, right click it and search it on google.
3. I am sure you have a lot of friends

I am curious if you read these forums at all? There is an official wallet for Zcash. Let me post that link again for you The Basics | Zcash . Just because it is for a Linux platform makes it no less of an official wallet.
You are mistaken thinking that most people use Microsoft Windows, they do not. The most popular operating system is android not Windows.

Most people who are now into crypto and exchange it have no idea what all of the acronyms are. I would go out on a limb as say less that 50% (and I feel that number is extremely high) of the people who own crypto coins know what the acronyms you posted stand for. If you think that 99% of the people that are mining and trading crypto do, there are lots of people that want to sell you beachfront property in Arizona!

And yes I do, 217 that were invited and attended my last birthday, not including their guests. Thank you for your concern though.

I see his point and do not agree that having only one official wallet running on Linux is in everyone’s best interest. Your average computer user has a low computing skill base; they know how to point and click. For ZCash to be a viable payment system, mass appeal is vital, and simplicity is mandatory for that to occur.

Official wallets for Windows, iPhone, Android and Mac OS would be a big positive so long as they are SUPER EASY to use.

NB: One can have a ZCash t-address wallet with Krapen, Poloniex and Bitrex, and both Cryptonator and Freewallet support as well. You don’t have the keys, however.

That wasn’t his point, his point was that an official wallet for Zcash didn’t exist. In his first post it was : create a lite wallet (not coded by some random guy).

Then in his second post, he again starts you would think after making millions they would create an official wallet.

Between the two posts myself then @Johnwisdom and @kek was nice to also point out home - zcash foundation and Which to be honest I had completely forgot about reading. Here is the chain and where they are at on creating a lite wallet. Guarda Zcash light wallet · Issue #16 · ZcashFoundation/GrantProposals-2017Q4 · GitHub

instead of spouting out acronyms and saying something doesn’t exist, read. Do I believe he wants to see Zcash advance, yes. After all he apparently invested his life saving in Zcash. But when given information why not expand upon the new knowledge he was given and ask additional questions instead of worrying about how many friends I have.

A question to @johnwisdom or anyone else that may know the answer. Are you aware of any Zcash Lite wallet(s) that allows you access to the private keys? Below are a small list of lite Zcash wallets but do not believe any of them do?

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An official wallet available for all the major platforms is a good idea.


I could be wrong but I think there’s a lot more going on behind the curtain than you’re factoring in. show me a team behind any coin out there with more intelligence and talent

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