Somebody pumping ZEC?

Just look at ZEC-BTC | Poloniex live chart | Cryptowatch
any rumors on what’s going on? :wink:

Maybe something to do with the U.S. election?

Any ideas how it can be related? :slight_smile:

The situation was looking very grim for miners the past few days. The weak hands were selling out. Now it’s a higher ratio of long-term holders.

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I am in this for the long haul. I can see the additional benefits provided by zcash, once they are ironed out, on top of bitcoin protocol will hopefully allow this coin to prevail.

It looks like people joining the hype and starting buy ZEC in order to sell bit later. Activity of major buyer seems stopped but volume still rising, just not that fast now. Potentially it can lead to people holding ZECs they’ve bought with a hope to sell it higher. The game have started :slight_smile:

Big Chinese miners now joining ZEC, maybe they are the one behind this pumping.