Trading ZEC on Poloniex ...!

Since yesterday i noticed that whenever i put a buy order, immediately after two or three orders are placed with a few decimals higher!!!

anyone else noticed that?

BTW … that’s only on ZEC orders … was just doing the same (placing a buy order in BTC) and no other orders were placed on top!!!

Edit: sorry … actually the same happens also on BTC!!!

Trading bots, I wouldn’t attempt buying ZEC all miners are dumping it so the price is being propped up by stake holders to stop it crashing. wait until it falls is my thought or grab some Zclassic ZCL is looking like a better coin, it’s now also listed on coinmarketcap so all the info on supporting exchanges is listed under markets.

I was looking for a gpu solo miner for ZCL (like what zogminer team did with ZEC) but its not out there yet … so … for now i have my limited 2 GPU miners working on ZEC … at least for today :))

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So … for how long will this keep on?

At one point yesterday a large buy pumped the price up the buys almost leveled with sells and the bots have been trying to keep ther price high but are failing. It’s declining fast the sales order book is 3X the buys the gap will only get bigger over time. Eventually it will be worth less than Monereo and Zclassic ., but not today or tomorrow :wink: