Starting new pool? Anyone?

I would be interested in this and have about 42 kH/s that I could point towards the pool. Prezzzz - PM me if you want to chat.

Hey are you the same guy on Youtube?

Hey Aaron, yes I am the same guy.

how’s it going with the warehouse and everything? getting more hardware?

We are working on the power setup this week, running 208V down the wall that will drop down into 30A APC PDUs. Once that is complete we will be adding more rigs.

I’d like contribute to the pool. I figured out how to open and maintain a private pool for my customers but alone…is too much for me. So I prefer learn with a group.

You can already contribute by mining on . The logic to have 25% of the fee split into another wallet is already in place. I just need to make it more transparant to the frontend, so you guys can follow progress.

We also have a telegram channel Telegram: Join Group Chat

What channel on YouTube?

Link for the channel.

@Prezzzz Just flipped the hash your way. Hopefully we can get others to join us.