State of AMD GPU mining on Linux

You guys still have problem with stale shares? I dont see any new version or fix


i found the linux install straight forward and stable

So, I can use this miner with flypool after compiling it myself ??

no you can not use this miner on flypool
use genoil v4

For the record using silent army kernels I’m getting faster speeds under linux than windows, in the region of 10-15%.

My power usage is correspondingly lower in windows, even a little better than that. About 600W (linux) vs 450W (windows) for a 6 card rig, but it fluctuates a lot more than, for example, eth mining.

I haven’t done a lot of tweaking - I tend not to tweak things until they’re stable at their default settings! :smiley:

I’m mining on Windows at the moment for greater pool choice, but I would prefer to mine on linux all things being even.

Is the list in the original post still valid? Is the Miner still the best option for GPU mining on linux?

Ideally looking for an AMD GPU miner with stratum support, to mine to suprnova.

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Not on Linux you can’t.

Basically yes. Coinsforall is the only stable multi GPU miner currently but of course it is missing stratum support. Zogminer is getting really close though - I just ran a single GPU for over 12 hours and got a steady 35 H/s out of an RX 480. They have release multi GPU solo mining so only a mater of days before this one is a viable option.


Can someone post a step by step guide how to get Linux up and running with the new AMDGPU-PRO drivers for the RX 470/480.

I downloaded Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Installed. And mouse wasn’t working. So I used terminal to install AMDGPU-PRO 16.30 drivers and they seem to have installed but there were a few warnings/errors along the way.

When I restarted, I got a black screen. Could only access the computer by remote SSH.

It seems Xubuntu 14 with the fglrx was much much simpler.

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Step by step guide is here if you haven’t already seen it.

How many cards do you have? I always install the drivers with just a single card plugged into the first PCIe x 16 slot and then add more cards and risers after this works (not entirely sure if necessary but always worked for me)


Yes I followed that guide also and did it one card at the time.

right and that does suck
wish he would make one for linux

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you can use my Linux Operating System for ming Zcash on GPUs :slight_smile:

I will upload newest image v1013 of R and RX system in a 30 minutes. if it shows on website, you can download and use :slight_smile:

thanks man…


Yeh, this is the miner so you’re locked in as no stratum supprt currently. Hopefully you’ll be able to add Zogminer as soon as it is stable (it’s getting close!)

Updated my original post as Zogminer appears to run well. You can run multiple threads on a single card (I was getting 2x 17H/s on a single RX 480). If you want multiple GPU and stratum support you can simply run multiple instances of the miner simply specifying the card to use each time S=1 etc… I’m currently testing this with 4 miners running on 4 cards each with 2 threads. Hopefully native multi GPU support will be added soon :grin:

how do you know you have a payment request?

If you want multiple GPU and stratum support you can simply run multiple
instances of the miner simply specifying the card to use each time S=1 etc…

Could you post an example of such command line?

./src/zcash-miner -G -S=2 -stratum="stratum+tcp://" -genproclimit=2 -user=t1addresshere.yourrigname -password=z

So this will run on the 3rd GPU (indexes from 0) and uses Flypool and runs 2 threads per card (obviously update the address). So simply run this however many times you want - so to run the first GPU set S=0 and give it a different rigname.

You’ll likely want to run these as background processes using screen or similar.

I’m getting 136 H/s off 4 x RX480s (8 threads at around 17 H/s) and monitoring it for stability right now.


Great :slight_smile: Thank you !!!

Hey guys! Is there GPU miner for older cards like hd7950?