Statement from ZcashCo on Poloniex situation (July 2017)

I still have one payout from flypool that poloniex didn't deposit in my account. I already submitted a ticket and I'm playing the waiting game of their slow support.

I've got 3 pending payments still. Nothing else to do but wait, their customer service is non existent

@carlosabia You are right ,have 2 in pending and still waitting for approvals -> 2017-07-15 20:43:08 .My advice: Stay away from Polo

Thanks God, now all my pending transactions were loaded in Polo well.

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All my funds are still stuck in "Awaiting approval" status & one ZEC deposit transaction from July the 7th is still missing. I have already enabled 2FA + have got Level2 verified account (on such topics Poloniex support team is responsive, what confirms its existence). This doesn't help much.
Now they have disabled LTC in the same manner. People, beware of Poloniex!

Me and a few friends have pending coins with them as well.
I'm waiting on 2 ZEC and my brother like 5 ETH. Move your money out ASAP,
not because you'll lose it, but because your money is inaccessible in case you ever need it.

Ye my funds of ZEC were stuck for 2 weeks in awaiting approval stage at which point a support came to my rescue and canceled my withdrawal requests. He/She gave me 2 tips: 1, Enable 2FA 2, Don't use polo exclusively as a wallet as it is not, if you don't trade once in a while it can result in your withdrawals stuck or your account frozen. I traded a bit back and forth and withdraw it within minutes.

polo disabled the zec wallet again...

I thought no one would trade on Polo after the number of instances that have occurred before. If you want to save yourself from this drama, then do not trade on that exchange until they are stable for an extended time.

It's not disabled on my side.

I stopped using polo since last time, but those f*ckers still have some money. It's been almost a month holding my zec, unbelievable.

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They had some of my money but I could not get it back (0.05BTC). Trying to get it back was more of a hassle than leaving. So I basically donated 0.05 BTC to them as my parting gift.

Update on this: Poloniex issue update

See also How to complain constructively :slight_smile:

@zooko I’m still having issues on Polo approvals …The complain about it was send it to Poloniex support but no feedback or response for like 2 weeks now.Any ideea why it takes so long?:slight_smile:
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Poloniex ZEC wallet problems again…

Hello guys,

My Poloniex issue was resolved.Also important note & lesson ,at least for me:
"Please also be advised that Poloniex is not a web wallet or address changing service. When a customer deposits funds to their Poloniex account we assume they do so to trade on our platform. Continued use of your Poloniex account to deposit and withdraw funds without trading could lead to freezes and possible account closure. This is why your withdrawals are being flagged for approval by agent."
ps:Poloniex sorry for my bad rep :stuck_out_tongue: ,in the end it was my fault.

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I withdrew about 16 ZEC from Poloniex yesterday. It showed me a transaction ID, but it has not shown on the ZEC blockchain. I have not got the money until now and they just temporarily disable deposit/withdraw Does anyone have the same problem?

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Same here.

And no response 36 hours now
after I report the issue to the support center.

Poloniex ZEC deposit adress *

I have same issue, transaction was completed in my Polo account but not received in my address. Support so really slow…

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