Status update: what is @radix42 up to?

Meanwhile, in Spain… (my kids and I bailed out of the US on March 14, for those not following along on Twitter or Instagram)

I’m came out as a genderfluid non-binary person on Jan 28th, planned this trip (3 months in the EU) when zcash was north of $700/zec, bought the tickets and got passports when it was at ~$500, the day after the tickets became non-refundable the market crashed (lost 35% of my holdings overnight!), I broke my elbow and the other day took the step of changing my middle name everywhere from James->Jane, now have a dental infection and <100 EURO to my name, have hotel paid for for 5 more days and the two kids in tow…SO!

tweeting my ass off about the situation has resulted in the grand total of ~1.2 ETH in donations :sob:

Which is the only reason the kids and are in a cheap business hotel rather than the streets of Barcelona!

Support our crypto nomad lifestyle while my broken elbow heals in Barcelona!

BTC: 33Rzn3eMEfsPUADM7pfyH5kfWxmjoMdMHg

ZEC: t1brm1shRwbQgb7N5Ds76MNyqN7F3haHJtp

ETH: 0x1de55ee55cdaa28240034b7b588763d01f3419d2


David Jane Mercer
Barcelona, Spain

PS sorry for not being a bit more active in various crypto communities the last few months, as you can see from the above I’ve been…dealing with some personal issues! :slight_smile:


PPS sent fiat via Paypal to

A huge thank you to whoever sent the zec (singular, a whole one) and the Paypal donations totaling roughly USD $100!

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Or to any of the addresses for other currencies, including my zaddr for zcash and my HUSH and Komodo addresses, listed at MercerWeiss Consulting — Independent Cryptocurrency Developer

MANY thanks to the combined Zcash, Komodo, Ethereum and LGBT and disabled twitter communities, thanks to all of you we have our head back above the water, as it were!!

Look for more product/project announcements that are in the works soon!

Merci beaucoup!!

-David Jane, aka ᛚᛟᚲᛁ


Hope that elbow recovers quick brother @anon47418038 - thank you for the work with winzec great tool to have… enjoy yourself out there in Spain and stay safe.

  • Side question:

I noticed in WinZec when moving funds from a t-address to a z-address there is a progress bar that tells you the status of moving the funds into the zaddress … is there a way to see this on the linux zcash-cli wallet as well? when moving funds to a zaddress from t address in the linux wallet I dont see anything , will that change in the future?