Stratum and Firewalls

When running Stratum behind a firewall as a “miner”, does stratum (via miner software) need an INCOMING port open for communications back? For example, I the pool uses port 6666, I can connect to the pool because all OUTGOING traffic is allowed, while all INCOMING (except SSH) is blocked.

If port 6666 is closed does Stratum/Miner still have all the functionality it needs?

I did see one or two UFW BLOCK notices in the firewall logs for the Pool IP. But perhaps that was just the Pool checking if a worker was down?

Anybody? … … …

Miner <-> Pool uses only one connection.
If you are using NAT or firewall, then your outgoing traffic will automatically make a port opening from client side.
It doesn’t have to 6666, can be some numbers like 18455.

Then network connection would like this.
Miner:18455 <-> Pool:6666

Most firewalls will not block this kind of traffic I think.

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