Help with Miner Pool Settings

Can’t get nvOC 1Bash file config for my zenminer to work. Im filling out these fields wrong somehow and the miner continuously reboots after several failed attemps (its been running perfect for weeks I’m just sick of Luckpool). If this was my info, how would I properly fill out the fields below:

Workername created in Suprnova: zenworker
Email used to create Suprnova account:
Username on Suprnova: theDwiz
Password: password1 (its not, but just for the example)

ZEn_POOL=" "

Ive tried researching around, got attempted help on Discord, and searched some YouTube videos and I feel like I’m just missing something stupid. Would really appreciate the proper way to fill out the fields so I can connect to the pool. Thanks in advance!

you mean like this?

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