Suprnova dashboard

can someone help me understand the suprnova dashboard?
I’ve been mining zcash using suprnova pool for about 2 hours now and my round earnings est. is 0.0023 ZEC.
is this an estimate per block mined?
my confirmed balance and unconfirmed balance is 0. is the unconfirmed balance being 0 after mining for about 2 hours normal? i’m mining with 3 of 1080 ti which gives me about 2978 sols hashrate (as per the suprnova dashboard) which at times goes above 3000sols.
also what is round progress? my round progress is 95.20% at the moment.

First, you are not getting around 900 H/s to 1000 H/s from a 1080ti, not possible.

Second, you need to let everything run for a minimum of 24 hours to 36 hours establish a true estimate. once you do that you should be able to understand things a little better