Suprnova Balance showing up as 0

I have recently started mining on suprnova but my balance keeps showing up as 0 ? What could be the issue?
I am using ZEC miner 0.3.4b version.

miner --server --user name.workername --pass xxx --port 2142

I have also tried :

miner --server --user name.workername --pass xxx --port 2142

recent? when? how long?

mining with what? how many?

What does the dashboard say on suprnova as to your confirmed and unconfirmed balance is?
You are aware there is a minimum balance before a payout?

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Recently as in a couple of days ago, mining with GPU ASUS NVIDIA 1080 , no professional rig or anything like that LOL . Balances show as nothing , confirmed or unconfirmed??

I know there is a minimum balance for payout but i don’t see anything at all and worker is showing active??

when you login and your information is there??

yes, when i’m logged in, and my worker shows as active ?

When you log into supr, do you see the page from where I took the screenshot I posted above, yes or no?

Are there numbers in those fields, yes or no?
if yes, until the confirmed reach the set payout for supr, then you will not get a payout.

If there isn’t any information there, then you have setup something wrong and you are not mining to your account/wallet.

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