Suprnova Zcash not rewarded

Hello everybody!

Im little worry about not getting earnings rewards if someone can help me please ,

Yesterday i bought hash in nicehash for supernova pool, everything was ok in nicehash but when after i try open supernova to check rewarded etc… the pool website cannot open, today i can open my dashboard but nothing in it,
I try contact them but no answer, if someone can tell me if its normal or whats can i do…, I will very appreciate, sorry for my english

Contact @ocminer directly if you don't get a response within 24 hours of making contact.

Uh this isn't easy to answer.. have you been seeing your hashrate on The dashboard? You should have at least some estimates for the round and maybe even some unconfirmed coins. No reward at all usually means your hashrate wasn't recognized at all by The pool

Your website was not working at 2 am, so i cannot check anything, Im speaking about 0.15 btc, please check because for sure the problem come from you

before this happens i try another buy from nicehash to mine in your pool and everything work great

From the logs I see no problems but the webfrontend was ddosed again,yes, stratum was fine. What's visible at nicehash? rejected hash? They usually have logs too

Everything is ok in nicehash,speed vert night, nothing rejected, i use it in a lot of pools and never happen something like That,but To be Honest i start come in your pool till yesterday and many time i cannot enter on th? pool, tell me if u need something else from nicehash or whatever To solve this problem thank you

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nobody from supernova respond to me, what can i do please?

Im waiting your answer..., is it normal that they don't answer after several mail?, I was thinking there is some serious people working behind the pool, Im sorry maybe for them is not a problem 0.15 btc but for me is a big problem and people have to know that the staff pool are not professionnel and they can steal your money without any problem, I don't know who you are but im not going close my mouth , I read here in the forum that supernova is the best pool, are people joking??
If some people can really help me i will be very happy, I think we must said when its happear problems like that, because if we said nothing for sure things will never changes!!!