Supernova Down are we working for free?

Just checked my account miner is logged in was working fine no the account and workers look frozen with no work being done? Is site down and are my workers doing work for no pay?

Everything was up for me. Weve had a string of low luck for hitting blocks since this morning my time but were starting to hit them again. My workers are showing running.

same thing happened to me today not sure what happened but ever since it shows worker online but doesn’t show my hashrate or any information on the dashboard just wondering if u figured out what happened?

There was a DDoS against suprnova. Normal operation is resuming slowly.

ok that makes since is that the reason why im not seeing my hashrate though?

Yes. The dashboard will be down until the pool catches up.

For updates I suggest following the thread I linked in my previous post. ocminer is posting updates there.