Suprnova pool is superthieves?

Hello everybody!

Im very disappointed about not getting earnings rewards if someone can help me please ,

i bought hash in nicehash for supernova pool, everything was ok in nicehash but when after i try open supernova to check rewarded etc… ,the pool had bugg, after i see that there is not money
I try contact them lot of times but no answer, if someone can tell me if its happens and if i can finf my money ,I really appreciate your help

I doubt your funds have been stolen, Suprnova is a long standing pool, I would suggest that you contact @ocminer to clarify what the issue is.

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Oh im sorry I think we had contact already. I’ve checked The logs and from my side everything is and was good. I can’t tell what the problem was or is with your hashrate not recognized as all my tests were successful and I also don’t have any other requests with similar problems.

As a thumb rule when renting hash and the website doesn’t show your hash, cancel the rental as something obviously isn’t right.

I can’t do much here but giving you some 0 fee bonuses for the next time you’re mining or so. contact me directly if that’s in your interest as well

Thank you for your answer but im not interested about your offer, i’ve lost 0.12btc and i want that money back, i can show you the order from nicehash everything is writting clearly, before that order, ive made another one and it was ok so the problem don’t come from me, and first time its happen something like that with nicehash
I understand your position but i have the order and i can proof what i mean, i told you before that during the order process it was impossible enter in suprnovapool zcash.
I don’t understand why it take too long time for suprnova pool to answer and give my money back,I don’t think for a pool 0.12 btc its huge money but for me its a lot, im waiting your answer

@asjoker21 it looks like you should be contacting @NikiNiceHash or Nicehash customer service about this issue, a pool operator does not have the ability to refund Bitcoin that you spent with Nicehash.

That is why I suggest users to use nanopool or

@kdskamal I don’t see how that is relevant to the conversation. The OP could have just as easily made some error with any other pool.

ok thank you im going to contact them and telling you what’s news but i dont think that they are going to do something because the order is writting completed and im sure that the problem come from the pool because first time it happens and before it happens, ive done an order without suprnova
Im sorry Shawn but KdsKamal is right, Ive trying contact 5 times the support and nobody answer, whatever from who the problem come from they should answer and that kind of forums are also done to tell when it appear problems like that in order people can know where is safe or not.


Nobody answer till now, can you try do something??, I write to mr niniknicehash and also nicehash support
they look in holliday