Suprnova's ZCash Pool


Is that CPU GPU miner work with AMD?


you have mistake on .sup.rnova. right suprnova


you don't need the "-l" flag in the current version, just run:

nheqminer -u username.worker -p x


When i try to compile the Nheqminer version from ocminer on Ubuntu 16.04 i'm getting this error:

Any help? :slight_smile:


use cmake - not qmake with the recent version and it should build just fine


OCminer can we get a windows miner or simple linux repo of this to connect to your pool ?


Wow sounds good, where is the source for that miner ?


It's just a solver I think


As I'm receiving numerous mails about that:

No, you don't have to change anything, you can keep your miners connected, i'll wipe the pool once mainnet launches and just switch over with fresh stats.



Btw, if we don't have a Zcash address, can we just leave our Zcash balance on the pool until we want to manually request a payout?


yep, you can keep it there as long as you want


Which opensource CPU miner have you seen the best results / performance with?


the Nicehash one, ocminer created one that connects to suprnova

You can find it here


ocminer will you release a version of your miner to AMD gpu today?

or can you make a windows compilation of that silentarmy miner to your pool?


@ocminer: the miner source code at
still uses nicehash's servers.. Where is the Linux binaries / source that i can use to mne on


Only Windows available currently. Linux as well as opencl (AMD) should be released today


good new bro. I will donate when you release a windows openCL to supernova. I hope you can release today


pool is lagging quite hard... it is taking ages to refresh etc, will you really be able to handle launch?


I'm just prepping for launch, don't worry it will all be good.


this guy has been doing this for years, relax ilovezcash :wink: