Suprnova's ZCash Pool

It's working now, thanks!

What about the nicehash low difficulty issue?
Before you have port for nicehash but it's not working anymore.
Any plans to have high diff port for nicehash?

You can try port 2143 - it should work fine

Update your guides for Claymore v7.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

270h/s Fury X
235h/s Fury
170h/s Rx480

What driver are you using for the 480? Claymore is kind of insistent on using 15.12 but that driver doesn't support the 480.

I am using 16.11.2 and 16.11.3 I think for RX480 any drivers that support the GPU will work fine on Claymore. The latest is the 16.11.4 that came out yesterday but I haven't tried them.

Good to know. I have two 480's on the way from newegg's sale.

@ocminer What's the deal with the poolwatch app? Is there anything going on to get that issue resolved?

@ocminer I noticed that the numbers listed in Earnings are way off. I've earned over .65 on this pool and it's only showing .38 for all time.

I got transaction as follows in 4 hours :

Confirmed: 0.0000 ZEC
Unconfirmed: 0.0154 ZEC
Round earnings est: 0.0016 ZEC
Round Progress: 247.56 %

anyone pls tell me if it's normally. When can I got some confirmed amount? (I set automatic payout : 0.002 then change to 0.005, nothing news)

it takes baout 4-5h until the coins confirm from the network, just hang in there a little more :slight_smile:

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What is the exact line i use to connect to your zcl pool with claymore v6? I cant seem to connect with windows


ZecMiner64.exe -zpool -zwal YourUsername.YourWorker -zpsw YourWorkerPass

Is anyone else changing there minimum automatic payout to 0.002 or higher?

Hi Ocminer I have been mining on your pool Suprnova since zcash start with 14 X 480 and would like to say what a great job you have done with pool and support,my payments are always sent automatically and correct and front end is coming along nicely,it can be hard to find someone to trust in this game and in my opinion you are running the pool honestly to a very hi standard,thanks for 0% fee last week was a nice gesture from you and was very much appreciated.


Thanks a lot, I appreciate your comment :slight_smile:

@ocminer I completely agree... I've used supernova since the beginning and I'm very happy with the reliability and support you've given us.

Great work.

Hey guys, want some free coins ? :slight_smile:


Another great promo thanks Ocminer

@ocminer im getting an error on nicehash “Remote pool terminated connection. Trying to reestablish soon”

Im using the recommend settings :

Can you let me know if there’s an alternative server or if I’m doing anything wrong?