Sweep balance from paper wallet without luck

Tried with ZEC paper wallet (from walletgenerator . net) and was not able later to import the balance to Zcash tools like Coinomi, Jaxx, WinZec. This is a screenshot from Coinomi to sweep the paper wallet generated. There is no encryption, just a paper wallet I made and printed and looked good. The public address used to get money from mining (flypool - has many transactions from them to me), and has balance in it and also the private address when trying to retrieve/sweep displays the balance. But I get error. Why ?

I also downloaded WinZec, imported the public/private key, all good, shows 0 balance which is definately wrong. Is there limits or problems or I dont know, I am looking for a solution

Is the blockchain sync @ 100%?

Yes 100% displaying the latest date and time

You can see the balance in an explorer, correct?

Did you download the code from walletgenerator or did you execute it online?

I just went online, donwloaded the zip file, extracted, generated the wallet (public + private), printed it and assigned the mining to pay to the public as it did. Heres the public address, I dont mind to share from Zcash block chain since its valid : https://zcashnetwork.info/address/t1Hu7iq1NBcWRwXzbpkMT6YNAqgcxxgQw1p

Fund are safe and you generated your keys in the right manner.

I’m sure you’ll be able to recover your funds.

Maybe @garethtdavies has some suggestions?

What version of WinZEC are you running? Assuming that everything is fully synced as mentioned above and the key was correctly imported the first thing I would try would be starting zcashd with the rescan flag. According to the docs:

Rescan the block chain for missing wallet transactions on startup

This can take a while so just leave it running. You’ll need to interact with the underlying zcashd instance rather than the WinZEC frontend. So shut everything down and browse to c:\Program Files\winzec\app (default install location) and then open a command prompt there and enter zcashd.exe -rescan. Let it finish and fully sync and then you’ll then be able to open WinZEC and hopefully your funds will appear.

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I downloaded the windows version. Its synced to 100% as it says
I will try this tip as you mentioned.