Sweep balance from paper wallet without luck

Tried with ZEC paper wallet (from walletgenerator . net) and was not able later to import the balance to Zcash tools like Coinomi, Jaxx, WinZec. This is a screenshot from Coinomi to sweep the paper wallet generated. There is no encryption, just a paper wallet I made and printed and looked good. The public address used to get money from mining (flypool - has many transactions from them to me), and has balance in it and also the private address when trying to retrieve/sweep displays the balance. But I get error. Why ?

I also downloaded WinZec, imported the public/private key, all good, shows 0 balance which is definately wrong. Is there limits or problems or I dont know, I am looking for a solution

Is the blockchain sync @ 100%?

Yes 100% displaying the latest date and time

You can see the balance in an explorer, correct?

Did you download the code from walletgenerator or did you execute it online?

I just went online, donwloaded the zip file, extracted, generated the wallet (public + private), printed it and assigned the mining to pay to the public as it did. Heres the public address, I dont mind to share from Zcash block chain since its valid : https://zcashnetwork.info/address/t1Hu7iq1NBcWRwXzbpkMT6YNAqgcxxgQw1p

Fund are safe and you generated your keys in the right manner.

I’m sure you’ll be able to recover your funds.

Maybe @garethtdavies has some suggestions?

What version of WinZEC are you running? Assuming that everything is fully synced as mentioned above and the key was correctly imported the first thing I would try would be starting zcashd with the rescan flag. According to the docs:

Rescan the block chain for missing wallet transactions on startup

This can take a while so just leave it running. You’ll need to interact with the underlying zcashd instance rather than the WinZEC frontend. So shut everything down and browse to c:\Program Files\winzec\app (default install location) and then open a command prompt there and enter zcashd.exe -rescan. Let it finish and fully sync and then you’ll then be able to open WinZEC and hopefully your funds will appear.

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I downloaded the windows version. Its synced to 100% as it says
I will try this tip as you mentioned.

I earlier created paper wallet with this GitHub - adityapk00/zecpaperwallet: Zcash Sapling Paper Wallet Generator tool v1.2 and sent money to that address. How now I can spend this money? I have two private keys: one is started with “secret-extended-key-main…” and other just private key for t-address. When I enter first key to Zecwallet Lite v 1.8.8 it shows “Loading…” and gives no reaction, and with second key it shows error “The input key was not recognized as either a sapling spending key or a sapling viewing key” . What to do? or funds lost forever?

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This particular program, as well as zecwallet lite in general, is deprecated so you should avoid further usage and you won’t have much luck with the mobile zecwallet lite anyways. You can however import these keys into Ywallet and it should restore.

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@serga333 Have your issue been resolved?

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No, ywallet writes either “Cannot input transparent private key” or “Invalid key” and there is no button to step forward

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I hope you got my DM @serga333

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@serga333 Remember, do not give your private keys or seed phrase to anyone. Do not click any suspicious links that you may get via DM.

@Regan is new forum member with zero history.


Thank you @Shawn.

This user (Regan) was indeed a scammer, sending people like @serga333 private messages, trying to get them to go to a phishing website where they are asked to “connect” their wallet by entering their seedphrase.


When attempting to restore the sapling key, does it include the extended-secret-main prefix? So that it looks something like this


The prefix is necessary, no spaces

( The transparent key seems to be recognized, but the current state of legacy Taddy support means that you might have to restore that one with a legacy transparent only wallet )

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Private t keys must be swept, not imported. It is in the error message.


yes, my keys are started with “secret-extended-key-main…” and version 1.5.4 of ywallet even creates an account from that key, but doesnt show balance, althought on http://3xplor3rzajysy4j5fi3g3k27vivfcw75zjxdb2tg2wpz3i4cdiyhxyd.onion/zcash/address/ on corresponding t-address funds exists

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I use desktop version of ywallet

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Please provide a https link to the corresponding tx or a txid.

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