good evening in the 17 december of 2017 i have bought 0,3555 coins of zcash on an exchange indicating as wallet the pubblic address :slight_smile:

obtained using the zcash4win software installe on my pc running under win7. Now when i restart the zcash4win it starts correctly , but indicates a balance=0.
I see in the dashboard the pubblic and the private key that i had saved when i first installed the software. Where are my coins , Because if i inset the pubblic key i find the transaction executed the day 17 dec 2017 and no other transaction i can’t suppose that someone has stolen my coin ,otherwise i should see another transation on the same pubblic key. Is it correct ? But how i can obtain my coins having phe pubblic and private key ?

You are running old and unsupported software.

Restore using your private key with another wallet (for windows → winzec [same dev as zcash4win]).

(you can also copy wallet.dat in Roaming folder and replace with wallet.dat of new installation)

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good evening thanks, i have already installed the winzec software but it creates a new wallet and ,indicates a balance=0, If i have understood you suggest to substitue the new wallet with the old wallet created from zcashwin erasing the new wallet in the directory …/roaming . In this way i will see as pubblic and private key the old key and a balance non zero ?
thanks again

you should try. Always keep the original backup.

If this doesn’t work let us know :slight_smile:

goodevening, excuse me, but also if in the botom of dashborad of winzec is written win10 c:\users\acema\appdata\roaming\zcash\wallet.dat i am unable to find in directory acema the subdirectory appdata and after roaming\zcash , so i have put the old wallet.dat in directory …\acema and nothing happens, the balance is always=0. I have before imported the old private key (generated by zcash4win) and nothing changes. I precise thato i have 2 pc 1 with win7 in which i find the appdata directory and another with o.s. win10 in which i don’t find , as already written , the appdata\roaming directory. Thanks

Is your block chain fully synced?

i read on the bottom clockchain syncroniced at 77,18%

you think that impoting the old private kry i can solve the problem …in some way…?

Yes, replacing wallet.dat as above should also work but as you seem to be having issues with that approach importing your private key is likely simpler. First wait until you are 100% synchronized then import the key (which will be slow so be patient and wait it out). If that fails to show a balance then you’ll probably need to do a manual wallet rescan but try this first.

If you have the private key of the address with the funds you are not going to have lost them (though it might take a bit of work!)

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excuse me another question with winzec i am not able to copy and paste the key so i have had to write the key character per char and i don’t remember why it says that the key is wrong or there is error 5 if i remeber well. Is possible to copy and past the key ?

I don’t know WinZec well enough to answer that although it seems a little strange you have to type it.

Anyway, if you are comfortable on the command line it’s easy to import via the native zcashd CLI. Go to C:\Program Files\winzec\app (assuming it is installed in the default location) and open a terminal window there then you could simply use (replacing mykey obviously). I am assuming this is a taddr?

zcash-cli.exe importprivkey "mykey"

the private key is a z address the pubblic is a t address.
i must substitute mykey with name of the private key preceded by the directory in which it is saved . How i open a terminal window. Is enough to click on the allication zcash or writing on the left bottom of the desktop : comd and writing your command in the blacj windows that opens ?

Just paste the private key of the t-addr where “mykey” is.

You’ll have to Google for Windows command line help but essentially yes, open a command prompt and then move into C:\Program Files\winzec\app directory and run the command from there.

Also, now I think of it, there are probably other ways of importing the key, say the Jaxx wallet if you don’t want to run WinZEC moving forward.

good evening , i have solved after the total blockchain was syncronized.The problem was to in sert the wallet file in the directory …roamin\cash …not visible in win10
thanks for all

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Be careful NOT to use Zcash4win or the newer WinZEC Windows wallet on Windows 7. It is not supported and only works properly on Windows 10. It took me about 70€ to learn this lesson.