The First Tradable Zcash Hash Power Got Listed on Yunbi Exchange

ZMC (Zcash Mining Certificate) is conducting its ICO on Yunbi exchange. It is the first tradable Zcash hash power.

ZMC is short for Zcash Mining Certificate, it is the rights of equity of Zcash United Mining project. ZMC is issued by BitSE. Each ZMC represents 0.05 H/s hashrate for Zcash, it will continue make shares of ZEC until the first havling of Zcash(4 years). If a user holds ZMC on his account, he will receive the mining profits proportionally each day on 4:00 a.m. The profits settlement will be in ZEC. ZMC trading is also available on Yunbi exchange.

For more detail, please visit:

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Very very intrigued. Looks super Ill dive in. A lot of info. Thanks!

Interesting idea. I wonder if this is the crypto equivalent of a fixed-income product or of a share in a gold mining company.

wow people are getting creative on making money of people.

I dont have a good feeling about all these people out to make a quick buck. Somehow I sense the end of cryptocurrency. But then again there is the fiat monetary systems that are falling apart, so who knows…its a good hyperinflationhedge.

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It’s not a rip off, it’s a legitimate way to bet on the network difficulty increasing or decreasing without betting on the value of ZCash itself.

In the fiat financial system there are instruments that are orders of magnitude more complicated and, frankly, f***d-up :wink:

Well the fiat financial is backed up by laws that requires you to pay taxes in fiat. They dont need to prove anything, they just need to avoid fucking things up waaaay to badly to keep the whole shitshow afloat.

For crypto on the other side, created by some geeks, backed by no governments, laws or powers, its walking on a very thin thread.

it seems like the crypto equiv of hashcoin or paycoin hashlets idea (scam)

This already exists in Bitcoin.

For example CEX.IO and Antminers Hashnest.

thats very interesting
my wife uploaded all the verification info to yunbi and they dont reply back or create her an account.
what is with that… we give all our personal info and a video of her and they dont give us an account???
no reply back? she is chinese and im shocked at how horrible yunbi is

Mike, do you work for Yunbi? can i have a contact that I can speak to in order to get our account activated? its been well over a month!

If i dont get an account, I want an answer on why we provided yunbi with so much personal and idenifying informaiton. it is just ridiculous how much stuff you need to give them… hell even the chinese government does not require so much information… creating a bank account is easier than creating a yunbi account!

my wife was skeptictal in regards to why yunbi required so much informnation to create an account… why no other exchange is as invasive as yunbi is… yet she did it because I asked her to… no she regrets wasting her time and giving people she doesn’t know too much information about her that could be used fraudulently against her in the future… so horrible… if you take a persons info, photos, ID’s, video of them… you should be accountable for that infomation, and not ignore people!!!

the entire webpage is in english, but when i call the phone contact for yunbi, NO ONE SPEAKS ENGLISH and they HANG UP ON ME

what is the point of posting info on yunbi in english when you cant even get english support from them?

Hello Cryptomined,

Thanks for your interest on Yunbi.
Yunbi require video authentication if the user is willing to use Chinese bank account to deposit or withdraw CNY.
That is the requirement from People’s bank of China. For AML reasons.
I don’t understand why you have successfully provide your information and the account is not activated.
You could send an email to :, clarify your problem and provide your email on Yunbi, we will help you solve your problem.
You don’t need to speak evil here, when we face problems, we find solutions.


Speaking truth isnt evil. Mistreating and taking advantage of customers is evil!

Care for your customers privacy!

I understand that the evils of government will try to know everything about every transaction there is. It is the job of every exchange to stand up against that as much as they can! Keep the information to the mininum required and clearly let everyone know WHY you must have certain informations for certain things.

Full compliance no questions asked is only for retards.

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so i dont need video authentication if I just want to trade one coin for another?
ok ill try to get my wife to send an email thanks
i really just wanted an account to trade siacoin, that and your fee was a bit lower than BTCC or BTER for ETH…

still wondering, WHY do you need Video Authentication? there is no gov requirement… so why do you need it? no other exchanges need it… how can people know you can be trusted after giving your company so much personal informaiton? it seems rather invasive no??

why is an ID card not enough? that should be well more than enough

For AML requirements from People’s bank of China.

whats AML and how come other exchanes like BTER or BTCC do not have such requirements?
i can deposit straight to my bank account with those…
why is yunbi different?

the Peoples Bank of China requires Video Authentication???
honestly that is just a bit ridiculous… they dont require such things as no other exchanges need to do it… there is no reason for yunbi to do it

second you did not answer
“so i dont need video authentication if I just want to trade one coin for another?”
are you able to answer that?

You don’t need to do video authentication if you don’t use Chinese bank account. That means you can use any trading pairs on Yunbi. You can use CNY to buy any coins on Yunbi. But you cannot withdraw CNY. You can change it into BTC, ETH, ZEC…

I think Okcoin, Huobi, BTCC do have video authentication for high level authentication. Yunbi’s video authentication is also optional.

ok, maybe for over 100 BTC on BTCC, not sure, but for a regular account for up to atleast 100 BTC daily withdrawl they do not require video
havent bothered with the other 2 exchanges

BTCC was the first so we signed up for that practiaclly right after it came out
BTER has the most useful set of cryptos on it
and YUNBI has the best rates,… and some coins like SIACOIN that are not on BTER

ok ill look more in to it tomorrow

thanks for the answer, appreciate it

No problem man.
Glad I can help.