The Forum that Could Be

Imagine an american president that says: “I don’t care about the opinions of who didn’t vote for me”.

Understanding who you don’t agree with is very precious.
In most cases the people I agree less with are the people most similar to me.

This is actually the most valid reasoning behind negative feelings and actions/posts in the forum.

@Shawn I think it would be nice to have a category for the OG users where we can discuss freely about any given topic. I would love to share other personal interests with the community, share knowledge and opinions, free consulting, shared development sessions, love, relationships and so on.

I do feel connected to many in here and I’m pretty sure we would enjoy and respect eachother more if we had a place to bond with some privacy. Not that we couldn’t already, but having google indexing your posts doesn’t incentivate intimacy.

Paramaters could be subscribed over 6 months/1 year and at least 100 hearts.
If these features are not supported by discourse (maybe some plugin already?) I’d say even a simple SQL query to check requirements and create a seperate group could be an eventual way…


Discourse already has a semi-private “Lounge” category that unlocks for all forum users once they are trust level 3.

OGs who have been here for awhile should be 3 by now, if not here’s how to get there:

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If you can set regular status to be permanent then I think it could work for the purpose I wrote above.
The issue with regular status from vanilla discourse is that it is pretty easy to lose it during short periods of vacations/work/studies.

  • Must have visited at least 50% of days
  • Must have replied to at least 10 different topics
  • Of topics created in the last 100 days, must have viewed 25% (capped at 500)
  • Of posts created in the last 100 days, must have read 25% (capped at 20k)

Reading 1/4 of last 20k/100day posts is not obvious. When “Let’s talk about ASIC mining” was on fire I literally lost regular status at least once a week.


If a forum user has reached level 3, and has lost it only due to the visitation or viewing/reading requirements (ie: not flagged requirements) then they can ping a Mod to have thier level 3 status reinstated. It shows us in the backend the highest trust level a user has gained.



I can vouch for this. The mod can also tell you what you lost regular for. i.e. when it happened to me recently (a few months ago) I wanted to just see the topics I created. - shawn msgd me and said “you only need to like 3 more posts and you get it back”, so I did and I did get it back

2 hrs later I get a message from sonya saying “It shows that you are a regular to me, but if you are still having problems I can fix it”

Im paraphrasing them. they are not direct quotes but along those lines.

The problem, as I see it, with having more “private spaces” is it might discourage public discourse and engagement in the wider community by the older more knowledgeable members.


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with some private spaces, as long as they co-exist with public spaces.

The forum is about zcash, developing & supporting it, getting involved. There’s a core group who are into that and private spaces offer a different environment - so different discussions, more signal less noise, more like a working environment than a social one.

I’d also like to see some of our trolls starve (or at least go on a diet).

Edit: smelling mistakes


Why is my post flagged? It has likes. Can moderator explain?

You maligned another user’s intentions without proof. That’s not allowed.



You let poster accuse everybody of being unhealthy.?!!

without proof???

Generalizing about the state of the forum is pretty different from a personal accusation that targets a particular person.

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I propose to set the forum to private mode. Only people (with proofs) holding/mining/developing ZEC can join.

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I don’t think that’s a good idea. This should be a good place for newbies to come learn and experiment — in fact, I’d like to improve that experience for new people.


I suggest the same goes for the reddit and twitter Zcash accounts. A holding of at least 100 ZEC sounds reasonable to ensure a healty ZEC holder loge. Maybe even adding a KYC procedure makes sense as well. [ironic-mode-off]

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This function seems to have a major bug or flaw. While i thought so it’s a good function today i witnessed that a user can easyly abuse this feature of flagging posts and make them hidden.

While i used that flagging option myself today for a post that got repeated endless times with intention and accused me of making a funding proposal with the intention to irritate the community which is not the case and shouldn’t with any proposal. Referring to this in my opion more than clear rule:

As a revenge for flagging these endless repeated posts i got revenge flags over 3 topics and everything i posted got flagged. This can’t be right and should be even a possibility.

Means while the flagging function is a good one in principe, it’s as well one that can be easyly abused with agressive and bad intention.

Therefore i suggest that users that abuse such function should have removed that option from their account.

Posting this here in this topic as there are references about healty forum, how it could be and the flagging option discussed allready.

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for flag information:

Flags haven’t been ever an issue and I don’t like how people are talking about it now.

Since the foundation is the “owner” I’d rather* insist on moving discourse to the foundation domain. Not only that but also change the logo, it states “zcash community” and this isn’t actually a “zcash community forum” but rather a “zcash foundation’s community forum”.

Let’s set things straight.

To make things more clear: if this was a community forum the foundation and the ECC would be the last persons to express opinions on how to run and manage the forum. The community could ask for guidance and suggestions but not the other way around.


Too much negativity, it bothers me that any topic on this forum turns into an argument, let’s respect each other, do not swear and do not write anything bad, and then everything will be fine.
If there are discontent, in particular, they prompted me the right way, not to participate in development anymore, to go to other sites and support other projects, if everyone leaves then this will be an ideal place, there will be no negative. It remains, of course, to close some more social networks and then everything will be fine. Dear users, you are participating in the topic of how the forum could have been, but what it did not become for unknown reasons (I guess, of course), and everything that happens here once again suggests that there are people who want to see everything on the one hand, and there is a second side, but this is our problem, disagree means not right.

Depends on private I guess.

To an extent I agree. How about this as a compromise. There are some sections within public sections that are ‘read only’ for newbies. but they can still create threads and add to the discussion in the ‘semi locked’ thread via that, they just not derail the ‘semi locked’ thread

A lot of newbies are not actually new, sure some are and this needs to be a welcoming space for them. but a lot (like myself when I signed up) are not new to crypto or zcash. so people being able to see open discussion but not derail it would be great.

If you create completely private spaces (like the regulars section) you can only have one or two. because imho it will stifle debate and you will just end up with people posting in the private bits so creating two forums.

Id really like to know @Shawn’s opinion on this. As far as I can tell him and @root (mia?) are the two best to know about this sort of thing. - just because they are community members that through their outstanding work to create and encourage discourse within zcash have been given extra ‘status’ (by status I mean work) and representation for the foundation.

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Like that idea a lot - public read access for groups where only trusted members can post.

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Anyone can start their own forum! I’d encourage people unsatisfied with this place to do that!

ZF has legal responsibility for the forum, but in practice it is run by the active group of moderators. Roughly speaking, @Shawn, @daira, and I are the most active.


You can use the black and white logo

See Universal consideration for all uses

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