The Global Ambassador Program

Thanks to the ambassador program there is the Zcash en Español and Zcash Brasil communities, which are currently the ones that keep Zcash active in Latin America.

Without them, Zcash would still be completely unknown in this region.

The ambassador program was positive, although I agree that it is necessary to choose very well who will do the work of dissemination, promotion, education and training on Zcash, privacy, security, wallets, etc.


These teams were essential in the production and distribution of ZconV. Without them, it would have been a Zoom call that was broadcast to a single youtube channel with the chat disabled. Zcash owes a lot to the teams the grew out of some ambassador-shaped sprouts.


That said, let’s NOT do it under ZCG next time.


I understand the budget issue. Money has to come from somewhere.

But a new mechanism should be evaluated to:

-Determine the origin of the funds

-Evaluate ambassadors/leaders (whatever it’s called now) by results.

-Would the ZCAP, ZF, Zcash Ad Hoc Caucus choose them?

We would have to evaluate possibilities and the best way to get results, but let Zcash be more widespread.

Hopefully more community members will contribute their ideas here.

Zcash needs a mechanism in which people who know the reality of their localities generate ways to educate and raise awareness about the use of Zcash and its importance.


The ambassador program (with exceptions) resulted in the spread of Zcash to begin work in communities where adoption has been positive for “ALL” of the ecosystem…

It has been more productive than other strategies…


They should be nominated from a group of active contributors from the community, who have the personality and will necessary for the rol. Then the rest of the community could vote their favorite.

The ambassador program brought many of those contributors you see everyday around Discord, Twitter, the forums or who work behind the scenes in creating content and spreading the love about Zcash.

Even the latest ZconV was benefited by the work of plenty of these active members. Without the ambassador program that reach couldn’t have been possible


Perhaps the Ambassador program could be part of ZecHub?

ZecHub DAO :eyes:

Just Ideas :student:


This makes sense :+1:


that’s a great idea with the DAO!

we need to take care on who we give money, i was in shock when i saw ambassadors doing two youtube videos a month (low quality and around 10 views) getting 12000 USD in a year.
explain that to a ZEC investor that had to buy with hard earned money, that is now only worth 10-20% what it was.

some of the ambassadors did a very good job, so therefore i agree with what @gordonesTV said above.


Hello Z Cash Community, I wanted to open a topic to be your ambassador to Turkey as Ody Crypto. There have been people among you who have heard about Turkey’s initiatives in Crypto. A country with a high user rate in Europe.
It is sad that a global project like Z Cash does not have any presence in Turkey.
That’s why I aim to make a joint work to make the Z Cash Project well known in Turkey.

I would like to state what I will do within the scope of the Ambassador Program;
Create Social media accounts for Z Cash
Z Cash Twitter
Z Cash İnstagram
Z Cash Tiktok
Z Cash Youtube
Creating and sharing content that conveys information to Turkish users in a way that protects the brand value on a regular basis every day.
Translating and publishing the Global account’s posts from the Twitter account into Turkish.

Creating a Z Cash Telegram community

I will create an official telegram group for Z Cash to create a community and maximize the user experience by providing instant support for any problems that may arise.

Z Cash Youtube
I will make a series of youtube videos with basic information about Z Cash and every week at least one 3-4 minute youtube video will be released.

Document translation

I will translate 2 files into local languages every month about translating Z Cash Resources into Turkish.

I also want to work on expanding the audience by posting about Z Cash 3 times a month on my official Twitter account.

I am waiting for feedback on this proposal and I want to represent the Z Cash Project in Turkey in the best way possible.

Finally, a progress report will be provided to you every 15 days and a full refund will be made if you are not satisfied. :slight_smile: My goal is to make a long-term work. Sincerely regards

Hi @OdyKripto. Thank you for your interest in the Global Ambassador Program. Unfortunately, the program has been temporarily suspended due to budget constraints. When it resumes, we will reach out to see if you are still interested in applying.

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Thank you for the feedback. I’m sorry to hear that the ambassador program is over. Still, there may be generous people in the community and donate to this cause in Turkey. As I mentioned, you will be surprised to see the performance in the first month. Thank you :slight_smile:

ZecHub DAO could have all decisions made at the community level, as we, the community are on the front line and monitor social media daily as part of our work.