The Key To Successful Content Marketing

Consumers are looking for high-quality material more than ever to satisfy their informational needs. If you want to use content marketing to grow your business, it’s likely that you will need to create some original content. Being more pertinent helps you acquire your audience’s trust and makes it easier for them to obtain your content, even though you can also rely on social media and links to other websites. Learn how to create a wikipedia page for a movie. In order to become more relevant, one must not only have more interesting stories to share but also make sure that each article or post offers helpful advice or solutions to problems that readers are likely to face.


This makes a great point.

The Zcash Wikipedia page contents are cringe-worthy (in terms of how thin and stale its details are, and how poorly its content is formatted). There is only one primary section beyond the overview, which is History

Is somebody at ECC being paid to make accurate contributions to Wikipedia?


I was shocked when I looked at the Zcash Wikipedia page. As you said it’s thin and stale. It reflects so poorly on Zcash. If I didn’t know much about Zcash and see that page, I’d just think it isn’t a serious project and move on.

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100% agree.


Wow, lots of out of date info, plus large parts of the history section read like they was written by people trying to spread FUD about Zcash.