The list of Zcash wallets

Releases of my port of zcash and the gui wallet by @vaklinov for mac and windows, along with the required jvm for the gui bundled into it, are at and

Anyone from Zcash team here, can I trust these Mac and Windows wallets?


The Zcash company team has not reviewed the software. I believe that @anon47418038 is honest.

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We are very appreciative of @anon47418038’s efforts and it’s likely they will be folded into the main codebase. Up to now, no-one from the Zcash Company has reviewed the changes in detail or for security, but I hope we’ll be able to do so soon.


Going has been a LOT slower than I’d like on getting things all merged into one branch that can build zcash on multiple OSes…this being day 4 of me being sick hasn’t helped that at all.

Sometime in the next month I’ll probably be submitting pull requests upstream for it.

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Oh and I have all the hardware now to work on an Android port, but time, there’s never enough of it!

Thanks for the feedback, since I will put most of my Zcash into Mac wallet, I have to be very careful, many guys have the same concern as me.

Added to the list of wallets.

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Hey guys,

I’m Malaysian, and I know the owner / developer of the website. It’s better to keep your coins elsewhere because the developers are involved with some ponzi schemes. I would gladly recommend them if they were not associated with those activities.

Do you mean the developers of site: ?
Can you point to some credible online source that would confirm this?

@zooko: What do you think? I can remove the site as a precaution…

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yeah sure,

this is the main website, may seems legit if you go through : but it is linked to this website , you may want to check that both out. is a bad wallet cose they have a many hackers from russia and they lost many money.
for example I lost my money on NOT RECOMMENDED!!!
I registered my account and they block the page and after login I lost my coins. ALL COINS!

Hey guys, what’s the best,secure zcash wallet are you using at the moment as vaklinov wallet is off :frowning: ?

This thread is quite old, the most updated list is at