Still no wallet?

The Hype is big .We coming.

Change your socks :slight_smile:

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There IS a wallet: .zcash/wallet.dat + zcashd + zcash-cli ;p

It's early in the morning in San Francisco.

Yea there will be a wallet next year when 1ZEC=1Satoshi may be?

This all ZEC thing mate is only a hype nothing more, is not going good at all .

You can create an address in Windows using VM software

I know this mate, but why to do this? Do you know the price of VM software?

It's free

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where?, can not find.

I think priorities are mixed up if they believe the primary users of their currency are nix users. Nix is super niche, having a windows wallet should be first and foremost, followed by mobile. It's not like currencies are going to magically make nix overtake windows users and marketshare. It just prevents someone that wants to use a coin from doing so... which is bad, isn't it? I thought part of coin devs job is easing coin adoption, not adding walls to stop people from doing so?

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Seriously, cry a river someplace else.

This isn't about *nix vs windows which BTW OSX is also in the *nix camp and if you can compile it on linux you can compile it on Mac as well and it runs like a champ in VMplayer as well which is totally free BTW.

The coin hasn't even gone live yet and when it does, in the early stages it's about making sure the coin actually functions and doesn't leak your private info.

Think about it this way...
Your average windows user doesn't have the chops to secure ANY crypto wallet properly anyways and has no business piddling around in cryptos. MS would probably just upload the wallet.dat file directly to OneDrive so any .gov can get at it for any purpose they might dream up.

Seriously, give windows users a paper wallet or an SPV android wallet. Don't worry about sticking this full wallet on Windows where any piece of malware including windows itself can rape their wallet.

For now let's worry about making it work where it really counts, i.e. on the servers since that will be the backbone of the network. Let's do that before we worry about "widespread adoption" because just like bitcoin and monero, what will really make this coin take off is when the first darkmarket launches that takes it. But at that point it will be impossible to keep up with the number of wallets launching every day.

If your reply to a logical well thought out response is 'cry me a river' you have no place making a reply to such a topic. You essentially discarded any credibility you had the moment you opened with that, but since you're so serious, I'll write out a reply to a little bitch like you who can't comprehend feedback and empathy.

Yup, OSX is also nix... It is also a extremely small minority. There are also not nix guru's operating on OSX. Meaning if there isn't a UI wallet that is easy to use and deploy to it, it's not getting used. Also an entirely different market, much like Windows.

The coin has been in development for quite some time, it's not like they thought this up last week. Furthermore, someone already made a community wallet for it... Which means they had plenty of time to do so.

So, Windows being the user friendly environment it is, how many people who run just Windows or use a phone are going to run a VM? Is that your response to people who say when something is available in Windows, to run a VM on Nix? You do realize it's a entirely different install base. Meaning people running Windows are not coding gurus or enjoy typing in command line.

Joe blow the average user is not going to go out of his way to install a VM to run a wallet for a cryptocurrency he barely understands. The average 'user' will not jump over hurdles just to try and make something work. The whole reason Windows is so popular is because it makes everything easy. Downloading and installing a VM just to use nix in a VM is not easy, which goes back to using nix in the first in the first place isn't going to happen for most people. I don't think you understand why Windows is popular or why people would choose to use something that doesn't involve typing in a command line every time something breaks.

I'm not sure why you would assume people will make good clean wallets. I've used monero, it's a pain in the ass... so much so that most people don't even use a wallet, they use the exchange as a wallet. Is that a answer? Sure... Is it a good one? No. Does it make a coin look good or professional? Also no. That, by the way, is the sign you put on your front door for anyone approaching your currency 'look at us, we can't even make a wallet for you, here try this web wallet of which the site owners will get up and run away with your money or this crappy java wallet the crashes and barely loads'. It's not professional and it doesn't help the image of the coin.

I personally like the 'obviously Windows users aren't going to use cryptos, so why market towards them' approach. It's very nix elitist. Yeah, who cares about casual and everyday users? Lets lock this shit down and make sure only a handful of people are going to use it. Good marketing. Good approach to the marketplace. Well done, you scored 0 out of 10 on how to get a cryptocurrency adopted.

Oh and no one uses paper wallets.