The problem of the system is restarted

welcome everybody
I have a problem two days ago when I started running 4 new gpu i was have 1 290 and 1 380
He doing restart automatically and is showing this screen

Windows 7 64
driver 16.11.4
motherboard asrock h81 btc pro
Please help solve this problem, I apologize because I’m not good at English

This could be a number of things causing problem, first start with drivers use DDU to uninstall drivers in safe mode you don’t state what new GPU’s are, only 1 290 and 1 380 so I am going to assume they are newer GPU’s after uninstall drivers boot into windows and use older drivers for your 290 and 380 and instal latest drivers before revive new drivers as there is conflicting reports with this driver, I have never had to use two different drivers so I’m not sure of process but I would imagine you would install latest drivers first with AMD software then go to device manager and uninstall drivers from 290 and 380 if you are blue screen in windows do it in safe mode then download older drivers the ones Claymore recommend in read me and extract just the driver from package and install from device manager and you should be good I am pretty sure this will solve your problem

Thank you The problem has been resolved
The reason was in modifying the BIOS

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