Troubleshoot 6 gpu's down to 5 gpu's

Did I miss something? Last night my windows 10 machines, only 2 with 6 gpu’s each, did an update and only runs 5 gpu’s after taking one out. Long story short, I went to restart and they are both boot to a troubleshoot window. Was there something I didn’t want to happen? Has this happened to more than me?


probably auto updated to the creators update… so lets start off with the basic question:

O/s (home or pro)
make and model of cards
drivers version installed (ARE YOU SURE?)
mining software running and version

you said two rigs, was it the exact same card that stopped of both rigs?

No worries, if it was a coincident that it happened to two different machines then I figure it out.

@Stinger32, Same happened to me last night,could not get win 10 to boot as stuck in same loop as you,I got into safe mode and uninstall drivers with DDU then reinstalled drivers but miner crashed after 2 minutes and back to trouble shooting window,nothing would fix issue apart from uninstall drivers but miner would not work with new drivers causing crash,I ended up reinstalling windows 7 and all fixed,I’ve had it with win 10
What ever the problem was I suspect update damaged something on operating system as new drivers did not fix issue and win 10 trouble shooting could not fix the problem,I tried many times to install new drivers of different builds and would cause miner to crash and windows became un bootable to OS
Win 10 pro OS worked fine without AMD drivers and using RX 480 6 card rig

Rig 1
Windows 10 Home
PowerColor Red Devils RX 480 8G x6
Catalyst 16.12.2
Claymore 12.4 (Loving it!)

Rig 2
Window 10 Pro
MSI RX 470 x4
PowerColor RX 470 x2
Catalyst 16.12.2
Claymore 12.4

I also reloaded drivers, replaced risers, and swapped video cards on both machines only to get the same result.

I believe its an update with Windows 10 that is killing it, might have something to do with the wannacry patches, you lost a card, I have more than a card down…

Thats exactly how mine started with constant looping. I had to start by reducing to 5 cards and restart.

Mine was fine when I removed AMD drivers but as soon as drivers installed again miner crashed and back in loop with win 10 ,no damage was done to GPU but only complete OS instal fixed issues,can only get 5 cards to run on win 7 but not going back to win 10 if anyone has success with 6 rx 480 on pro bitcoin version 2 please share your settings,all cards are recognised but windows disabled 1 card,usual win 7 problem cheers

My incredible team and I are currently working on this head scratching issue, at first look the root cause, if you are running more than 5 cards, is some sort of W/10 update from microsoft is killing it. We have theories but I don’t want to point fingers and offer solutions until everyone is in agreement as to the possible cause and solution.

Boot into safe mode and look to see if Windows forced a AMD driver update…goto device manager, and roll back the driver with option does not work/unstable… should resolve it