The Zcash Stack Exchange proposal is about to get closed, please contribute

I’m moderator at Monero and Ethereum Stack Exchange and decided Zcash sounds very promising and active enough to propose a separate technical question and answer site in the Stack Exchange network.

To get this bootstrapped, we need 5 followers and 5 questions within 3 days. Anyone reading this having a stack exchange account, please help out with this proposal:

Good luck for the launch in october and count me in. Any questions about Stack Exchange: AMA!

  • 5chdn

Thanks for the first 10 followers. Now we only need…

  • 50 more followers
  • 40 more questions with a score of 10 or more

… to advance to the commitment phase. Any questions? AMA!


Weekly bump. Getting closer to the launch.

I think this is a great idea given the novelty of Zcash. Hopefully we can get it off the ground. I’ve joined and posted a few questions.


Bump. Any qestions? Let me know.

See also Questions tagged with zcash on Bitcoin Stack Exchange.

Zcash will probably featured on Bitcoin Stack Exchange’s weekly topic challenge next week. Keep an eye on that if you like to learn more.

See also Questions tagged with zcash on Monero Stack Exchange.

We are getting closer.

The topic and audience are still being decided. It needs:

  • 40 more followers
  • 40 more questions with a score of 10 or more

to move to the next phase.

Do not forget to vote on example questions.

And don’t forget to post some example questions, we only need 40 to define the topic of the site.

If you followed the proposal already, please try to post 3-5 example questions and vote on existing questions to define the scope. Thanks

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Okay I registered and upvoted a few quetsions that were there.

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The proposal is about to get closed if we do not get any more followers, questions, and upvotes.

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Okay I signed up and upvoted a few questions.