This is what I believe

I think the current price ~ 9btc per zec is going to crash down to 1 btc when the pool releases their payments.

everybody knows the price is not right. Its gonna fall but its not at the moment. Its going from 5-10 Btc all the time its easy money on trading. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Do you have any Pool suggestion?

I have found all pools to have payout issues at this moment.Cant really suggest one for now.

sorry but i dont buy low and sell high.Thanks for the input.

i dont need fast payout,
if it is reliable then OK :wink:
Which one do you use?

Tbh suprnova paid me in 6 hours.Thats my first btc out of this zec thingy.U may try your luck.

My 0.0340 ZEC payout flow away 24 hours ago.
I mined that ZEC from suprnova in my office with CPU mining.
ALL ZEC gone,
I dont believe suprnova, they are cheating

try flypool. they are long time owners of ethermine and etherpool and have a good reputation. But dont forget that the network is very very laggy.