Total ZEC much less than sum of transactions

I am using zcash 1.1.13 for linux and I am using the ZCashSwingWallet. I saw that as of very recently the Swing Wallet is not supported any more. But the issue I am having is unrelated I think.

When I look at the total ZEC I have in my many addresses, I see X. But it should be about twice as large. The swing wallet “Overview” gives me a list of transactions and that sum equals what I should have.

The “Overview” does not show any “OUT” transactions, only “IN” transactions because that’s all I have.

The kind of help I want is how to find what happened. All of my addresses are Z-addresses so I realize that I can’t see them on a block explorer like normal (Bitcoin) so how do I start to find out what happened? Trying to view the block has in the explorer shows the same error.

“Page not found. If you entered a search query, make sure it was a valid account address (t-address), transaction hash, or block hash.”

There are several commands you can use to see transaction information.

z_gettotalbalance Will show your total balance
z_listoperationids will show you the txIDs

Use an explorer like or to look them up.