Trade Zcash before start on future contracts

Bitmex has launched zcash futures. You are able to trade it right now using bitcoin.

actual price:0.056 btc

Thank you for posting this information, I have removed the referral link from your post.

Please feel free to discuss the bitmex futures and anything else about Zcash, I dont want to encourage spamming of referral links.

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Thank u, but as i said ref link gives new users 10% discount at exchange commissions for the first 6 months of trading, it’s not a pure shit reff link as it used to be on many exchanges, so u open to post urs one so people here can actually save some money for 6 months.


35 USD? good luck with that lol…

$35? Ha ha ha. Yeah, surely a project that hasn’t even finished proving it’s real world viability is worth $80 million. facepalm


I don’t understand, how exactly does this work? What are you buying? Zcash isn’t released until tomorrow.

today looks like BOOOOMMMMM!!!