HELP ME ! transaction has not been completed

Hello . I have problem with Poloniex
5.04.2018 to this adress t1NX3ohRn9jVzF2dbgmcvz9C1F3g6cNNDfn i send 1 zcash from my zcash4win wallet * t1RYcWKGD3gvYVpAT4W6jw2oRSDVbxqj3cG * Today 11.05.2018 the transaction has not yet been completed. Z cash did not come .Why .Help me please
PS sorry for my english.

you need to open a ticket with poloniex

?how i do that ? and why?

You sent zcash to poloniex right?

Then go to poloniex, open a trouble ticket, give them the transaction number and in about 3 to 5 days they will clear the issue

Does anyone know if the issue with multiple inputs on a transactions (IE many micro transactions from say mining) which caused transfers like this to take a extremely long time…or plan fail out was every squashed? Does it still happen? I know the work around was to move your coins from a T to a Z and back to clean it up, but I never heard if the actual issue was resolved or not.

Could this be another case of it?

Actually the last transaction I see from your t1RYcWKGD3gvYVpAT4W6jw2oRSDVbxqj3cG address is from May 2nd 2018 for 0.30027747, and nothing since. So your TX never actually made it out. Your zcash4win might be having an issue, have you tried resyncing your wallet with the -rescan command?

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