No transaction for 10 days

Hello. Thanks for reading.

I sent my ZEC from Poloniex to my HW wallet (Lagder Nano S) at 2017-08-11 12:05:10.

I waited about 10 days. but still I can’t find it…

and I can’t trace it in the

ZEC address: t1LSukojS1FHGMCJa7EM2LYF3pwfCUGdd6L
txid: b183259c9c38424d1ed13a1276f84021af4876bcbf0aacb5fcacbfeca72a8510

Poloniex status says the it is completed.

I emailed to poloniex support team 2 days ago, but no response yet

What should I do now? just wait …?

Please help me.

Thank you.


You put your asset on the most bullshitty exchange… Just pray and wait…

Poloniex Always Full of trouble, leave it

Transactions on zcash currently take less than a few minutes to get into a block. and that txid is invalid
10 days? you better start working. Thats a fair chunk of zec to just lose

Thanks for replies.
What I can do is emailing and waiting.
It’s up to poloniex support team.
Can poloniex solve this proplem if they try to??

Hi Fantasista!

Believe me or not, I had the same problem on 11 of August 2017. I wanted to place 8 ZEC from my Poloniex account to my Bitfinex account, but until today I still did not receive (since 17 days).
The tricky thing is that my Txid is exactly the same as yours: b183259c9c38424d1ed13a1276f84021af4876bcbf0aacb5fcacbfeca72a8510
Here is the transaction marked also as Complete:

How can it be to have the same Txid for two totally different ZEC transactions?
I have already contacted Bitfinex and Poloniex, waiting for their anwer currently.