Transaction unconfirmed 11 days ago

Why not confirm the deposit?

I send about 5.70812144 ZEC to my account on bitfinex (sept 27) and they appear in my account but they appear unconfirmed any ideas what could be happening?

Confirmation of withdrawal from

But no deposit is confirmed for bitfinex


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Amount 5.70812144 ZEC

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So you sent from I would say you would need to start there. Double check to ensure you sent the funds correctly and to the correct address. Then contact their support. I would also get in touch with Bitfinex support as well. Also, your second link is incorrect. There’s a 3 on the end of it which makes the address invalid. You also didn’t provide any actual TXID’s, just links to the Block Explorer.

No one here has control over your ZEC so there isn’t anything that can be done from here.

TXID 749791d44e995eb550724be9786faf63566b733c625eaae978029be2f3b021b7

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So Bitfinex is showing “Unconfirmed”. You should be contacting them to find out why when the transaction ID is showing over 6000 confirmations.

I send mail every day but no replies.
Please help me
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There’s nothing anyone here can do for you unfortunately. You have to deal with Bitfinex.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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