TRESORIO MINING - Dedicated server offer

Hi everyone,

At TRESORIO MINING, we want to offer our clients a new way to mine Zcash.

Genesis and Zeropond have launched cloud mining contracts but we think that most of you here know exactly how to deal with a mining software.

That’s why we launched a dedicated server offer. Take control of our servers from home and use it how you want.

Our servers are 6-GPUs (RX480) rigs running on Ubuntu 14.04 with a dedicated TeamViewer access. You will even be able to control the power supply remotely.

If you are interested, contact us on or at

Happy mining and keep up the really good work on Zcash !

Jonathan KLEIN

The easy way to mine Cryptocoins with the first hashpower provider in France

More informations :

1/RENT MINING POWER Choose the hashpower you want and pay directly with your credit or debit card!

2/SIGN OUR CONTRACT Once we receive your payment and wallet address, we will immediately send you your mining contract. Electronically sign it via BlockSign.

3/GET YOUR COINS ! You will get the coins generated by your hashpower directly on your wallet bi-weekly

Why mining with us ?

  • Trust
    TRESORIO SAS is a company established in France and governed by French law.

We are hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Feel free to come for a coffee and see our facility !

  • Nuclear Power
    In France, nuclear and renewable energy can produce 97% of electricity without emitting greenhouse gases.

This also allows us to make you enjoy one of the cheapest electricity prices in the world. At 0.20€/kWh, mining for yourself with one GPU will increase your electricity bill of over 600€ per year.

  • Best Hardware
    Thanks to our corporate status and our large scale purchases, we get a better price on our employed hardware. To offer you the better results, we are working with brand new AMD’s Radeon RX 480 cards.

  • Powerful Cooling
    Mining consumes a lot of electricity and therefore, a lot of heat is released.

Don’t bother to manage this heat yourself, our professional air conditioners are perfect for keeping the hardware cool.

  • Stability
    Mining puts hardware under a lot of stress. Many problems can occur and hamper profitability.

Don’t worry! Crashes and fried hardware are our problem.

All our equipment is under warranty and we keep a safety margin allowing us to ensure that the leased power will always be available.

  • Security
    Our facility is protected round the clock by our security service.

More informations :

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