TRESORIO MINING - Limited presale : 200 GPU servers with remote control

Hi guys!

Following heated debate about cloud contracts, we decided to expand our dedicated servers offer and launch a limited presale for our next batch. These servers will be available on december 15th.

Pricing :
- 6 months : 2 550€
- 9 months : 3 825€
- 1 year : 4 800€

For 1 year, with latest miner improvements, it will give you 1 H/s for about 9€ and you're free to mine as you want.

One GPU server (we can adapt on demand) :
– Asrock H81 PRO BTC
– 6 x AMD RX 480 8GB
– 1600W PSU
– 120GB SSD
– Celeron G1820/G1840

Remote desktop with ScreenConnect (available on Windows, Linux, iOS, Android)

Power plug control with IFTTT (available on iOS and Android)

Pictures of our test batch will follow soon !


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who should buy this? price of zcash is currently going down and with your price I buy the Hardware twice :wink:....


If I understand correctly. We give you the money to built a miner. We can use for 6-9-12 month. After that it's all yours. You take zero risk. WOW.

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1600w PSU? :neutral_face:

1000w-1200w should be plenty. Anyway, pricing here is not so great, even with not having to pay for the power.

You are 1 week to late to sell Cloud Mining.

1600w PSU?

It is indeed way more than enough :wink: , it was a great deal due to destocking.

You take zero risk. WOW.

We are not here to take risks, we are here to offer a lasting service.

pricing here is not so great

Fully open to suggestions, what the community consider is a fair and reasonable price for this offer ?

price of zcash is currently going down

You can use the machine to mine Eth and benefit from the difficulty drop, dual mine ETH+SIA, stay on Zcash, use it as a Windows VM or everything else you want.
The idea is not to replace cloud mining contracts or small home mining, it's to offer an easy and secure gate to as much computing power as you want.

This offer is for people who don't have the time, the skills, the place, the electrical installation or the cooling power to mine at home. Many of them still want to be able to enjoy the mining experience, make some tests, try the last miners, ...

Still need to find the right price though

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