Tried a few guides, still can't get 6 GPUs to work. Please help

I have 6 RX 570s and 5 RX 580s and I’m trying to set them up on 2 MSI z170 M5 (7 pcie slots) but I can’t get them to show up.

I followed a few guides and after flashing my MOBO BIOS to the latest version from MSI and installing Win10 in UEFI mode my problems begin.

I installed my mobo drivers, used DDU to clean out the intel drivers from onboard Gpu and the ones windows automatically downloaded.

I cannot get the GPU recognized in Device Manager (don’t show up) to point the card to use the modded driver hack. I reinstalled Win10 once with Ethernet cable plugged in and once without. I unplugged the internet on second try because on the first, windows automatically downloaded a driver for me.

I tried different combinations of switching PEG0 and PEG1 to GEN1 and enabling 4G encoding with one card, multiple cards,and all cards plugged in but nothing worked. I usually get a black screen, OR if it does boot there are no GPUs in Device Manager.

Checkes all cable connections, tried different risers, and PSU is 1200W.

I’m not sure what I’m missing, any ideas?
Thanks for the help.

#1 make sure bio’s is updated to latest version
then in bio’s it should be set to gen1 (least mine is)
get your O/S installed, running, etc.

While using onboard video install ONE card and the latest amd drivers directly from AMD
when you have one card installed and working switch video over to that card.
reboot, make sure video is showing up…
go back into bio’s and switch video from onboard to pcie (I would also suggest disabling the audio resource driver too) reboot to make sure everything comes up…
when it does shut down system and add second card, start system, when started system should see 2nd card and install drivers (this could take 2-4 minutes) if in device manager - display- you’ll see when the device is installed… when installed shut down system
install 3rd card, boot system, system should see card install drivers… etc etc

If something fails in the process try a different card, different riser, etc