Tromp's solvers

About 19 hours until the deadline of noon, Oct 14 EST

Hi all, unfortunately the Ethereum crowd fund probably will not happen in time. ETH and ETC are both under attack, and it is taking hours for transactions to complete and contracts to get mined, and our contract is comparatively large.

You should all contribute to Tromp directly in BTC, or to OgNasty as escrow.

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less than 18 hours to go...

After some long debugging sessions, I got (144,5) working on CUDA as well.

It currently takes 1.35s per run, which, assuming 2 solutions per run, translates to 1.46 Sol/s.

That makes it the world’s fastest known (144,5) solver :slight_smile:

I will run some 10000 nonces overnight to get more accurate solutions statistics…

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+.04 BTC for CPU miner - Thanks for your hard work. :smile:

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Thanks, @Kn0de.

17 hours to go...

So this is for NVIDIA only? Not AMD ?

Nvidia - cuda ........................

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less than 15 hours to go...

How much BTC remains to be raised?

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3.8235 BTC to extend the deadline

Just curious, will this result in a completely open source release of a cuda miner? I.e download from github or only available to donators? Only have amd cards… :frowning:


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Yes, open source on github.

14 hours to go...

Tracking it.

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Dr @tromp have you tried your solvers or build a solver for amd cards? which card have you run it onto if there is? thanks.

Half-BTC on its way:

(TXID) cc6b77def6d389496f98b865f94b39f824f2b1998da766f410dd86668e2bbc3a

good luck on getting the rest of the way there!!

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i'm good for another 0.2 ... c0010256892d49cabe14f56ac5714b00d688512ecb2e211db9962e846fba4b7c

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Tromp, thanks for your great work. Did you get results with GTX 1060/1070/1080 cards?

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2 BTC on the way.



1.6235 BTC to go, folks but not much time. I'll match the contribution what other people contribute, to reach the 1.6235 limit.