Crowd funding NVidia/Cuda miner?


so loads of fakers arround, but there are devs that can deliver (not me) but how about we all pitch in. This topic is to feel interest and gather ideas.

My ideas:

  • two kinds of wallets, 1 where people actualy send money in advance to garantee the dev there is money and a 2nd fictual wallet which list all the commitments or seomthing like that
  • a third trusted party will maintain / organisize the crowdfund
  • only paid out when at least 40% of the funders confirmed the software works
  • only open source code will qualify, so no additional dev fee

so who’s in? and are the developers that can deliver, have time and interested in doing this? etc?

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I would be intrested only when Tromp would be that “third trusted party”, btw he is doing competition and there is a prize… Maybe better just do crowd fund for better prize?

sounds good to me, but we need to try to get people to wire in advance instead of pledging so there is an actual price, pledges wont get paid half te time :frowning:

if i read on Tromp's solvers he had some crowd funding for that, just ask him first what he thinks about new crowd fund on his thread