Very Noob Question

How much sol/s is equal to 1 MH/s ?

1 sol/s is 1H/s.

So 1000 sols/s = 1kH/s

1’000’000 sols/s = 1MH/s

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From where can i find that table?

How many GPU’s could make 1kh/s ?

Well 1x RX 470/480 makes around 40-50 H/s.
So you would need around 20-25 GPUs like that.
Each of that GPU costs around 240$, and combined power usage would be around 3000W.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to invest in GPU mining for Zcash. It will take you ages before you get back your investment.

If not zcash then which cryptocurrency to mine?

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I’m to stupid to use this site.
Always 3 280 Cards selected and everytime i try to change something, i’get a Error:
Eth hr must be greater than 0
Eq hr must be greater than 0

Edit: Okey, i just do not clicked on the card i wan’t to check … stupid

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Right now Ethereum(ETH) seems to be the best to mine with nvidia cards.

Soon Zcash will drop in price even more and then even AMD users won’t get much profit, if any at all.