Unable to access my Zcash4Win

Hi there! I am using Zcash for Windows, and i can’t access my wallet. It takes infinite time to lanch it normally. When i try to launch zcashd.exe using powershell with parameters “.\zcashd.exe -daemon=0 -showmetrics=1” it shows the following error. How can i solve this problem saving my wallet?
I want to be sure i won’t loose acess to my wallet and mined zcash.

It tells you right in error what your issue is. You’re using a depreciated version. Update to the latest version 1.0.12

Windows installer prevents me from installing newest version of zcash for Win. It says that i have to DELETE old version before. Is it safe for my wallet to delete old version, and install newest one? How should i perform the update properly?

yes its safe, delete old version from windows “delete programs” and then install the new one, deleting old version keeps your important files safe

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Hello! I have Zcash4Win version 1.0.12, but application shows me the following message - “This version has been deprecated as of block height…”.
I’ve tried to reinstall Zcash4Win but got the same error. What should i do in this case? Firstly i deleted Zcash4Win using Zcash4Win.msi, that ins
talled it again using same file. But it still shows version is deprecated. After deleting szach4win i still have the following folders - User/appdate/roaming/zcash,
c:\Program Files\zcash4win and User/appdate/roaming/zcashParams. Maybe i am supposed to do something with these folders?
UPDATE: I successfully installed new version, but i have the following problem. Why it shows my wallet is emty? Why there are no incoming transactions?
By the way, is it possible to access my wallet not using this app? It seems very complicated and problematic - i am having troubles with this app regularly.